Supervised Parenting Time

Offering VIDEO visits in all 50 states

We ONLY offer Virtual Visitations (Supervised Zoom Calls)

Services We Can Provide

Our Services:
*Prison Visits

*Consistent relationship when parent and child/children live in different states

*Grandparent visits or consistent relationship with other family members 

*Accurate and Timely Reports requested by the Parent, Attorney and/or Court Expert

*Witness Testimony - Court Appearance

*Can Provide Parent Coaching

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What To Expect

We understand you are anxious to start your supervised parenting time. The faster you get your documents to us, the faster we can get past the paperwork and on to your visits!

Call, email or text to schedule your intake

Before your intake interview, you must email a copy of:

a) the court order
b) a photo of the child/children and parents
c) completed intake paperwork
d) any restraining orders or no contact orders


The intake interview will be conducted with each parent individually before your first visit. 

This can be done by phone or video chat .

$35.00 intake fee per parent

During the intake interview, we will review the following:

- Any questions about intake paperwork
- Visitation concerns (why supervised visits are needed)
- Information about the children (special needs, worries)
- Safety and security measures
- Reasons for interrupting or ending a visit (non-refundable)
- Termination process (non-refundable)
- Any additional information that is needed to keep everyone safe and support positive interactions between kids and the people they love.