Supervised Video Visits

Video Visitation:
Do you and your child live in different States?
Do you and your child live in a different Country?
Are you incarcerated or will be incarcerated?
Will you be spending time in a treatment facility?
Do you travel often?

Is there some other barrier that is keeping you from maintain a loving, consistent relationship with your child/ren?

Supervised Video visitations may be the assistance your family needs. 

How it works

Your child visits from their home.
I am at my location.
You are at your location.

We all join a ZOOM call.

Your child’s primary caregiver can leave the room/area and you can have special, meaningful time with your child, supervised by me.

I stay on the line (but can black out my screen to be less invasive).

During the intake we will go over all expectations for the visits. I speak to both parents and hear what your child needs.

All calls are recorded to protect all parties.

There are a lot of fun things you can do to enjoy the time with your child.

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Activities for infants:

Read a book
Sing Nursery Rhymes
Show flash cards or pictures
Play peek-a-boo
Play music
Dance to some music
Talk in silly voices
Make silly faces
Do a puppet show (use puppets or stuffed animals)
Make animal sounds
Engage with familiar toys/games/music
Move to different areas around the house
Play copy cat and copy what baby does
Practice baby signs
Show baby outside and name things outside (tree, house, grass).

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Ideas for Games/Activities with older kids:

Board games (one person moves pieces from their side for all players),
20 Questions
I Spy, Pictionary/Guess the Drawing
Simon Says
Dance Off
Show and Tell
Mother/Father May I
Red Light Green Light
Read Stories Together
Two Truths and 1 Lie (with older kids)
Color/Draw Together
Jokes and Riddles
Sing Together
Staring Contest
Rock Paper Scissors.

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