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Julie Woods


Julie Woods is a professional, Trustline certified Supervised Visitation Monitor who provides Supervised Video Visits for all 50 states. 


Julie has worked with children for over twenty-eight years, first as a licensed Home Child Care Provider. Then she worked for the State of Oregon Child Welfare, was a foster parent and the secretary of an elementary school. Julie was trained by the State of Oregon to supervising visit between children in foster care and their family members In 2016 Julie started her own business, It’s about the kids Visitation Services in Portland, Oregon. As a professional supervised visitation monitor, she has worked with parents and children from all walks of life.

Education and trainings:

Julie has completed over 40 Early Childhood Education (ECE) units. In addition, she has attended the following seminars: Privacy and Security Training Online ISPO 1 hour Mandatory Reporting Training Online DHS 1 hour Secondary Traumatic Stress Online CW Partnership 1 hour CW Ethics and DHS Values Online CW Partnership 1 hour The Impact of State and Federal Law on Child Welfare Practice Online CW Staff 1 hour Preventing Harassment, Discrimination and Inappropriate Workplace Behavior Online DHS Staff 45 min Confidentiality in Child Welfare Online CW Staff 30 min Sharing of Information b/w Child Welfare and Self Sufficiency Online CW Staff 25 min Oregon Safety Model (OSM) Sessions 1-7 Online CW Staff 6 hours OR-Kids Basics Online CW Staff 1 hour SSA Training Classroom CW Partnership 6 days Cultural Competency and Cultural Humility at DHS and OHA Classroom DHS Staff 1 day Core Values Classroom DHS Staff 4 hours Ask Diversity: An Intro to PAUSE Classroom DHS Staff 1 day Domestic Violence - DV 101 Classroom Local Staff 1 day Confirming Safe Environments (CSE) for SSAs Classroom CW Partnership 3.5 hours DHS Staff Reporting of CCA Concerns (SB 1515 Oregon) Online DHS Staff 30 min Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Young Adults (CSEC) Classroom OCWP Safety 4 hours Sibling Bill of Rights Online DHS Staff and PSU 1 hour Importance of the birth parent Classroom DHS Staff 4 hours Child development and the effect of abuse and neglect Classroom DHS Staff 4 hours Sexual abuse Classroom DHS Staff 4 hours Discipline as a foster parent Classroom DHS Staff 4 hours Valuing a child’s heritage Classroom DHS Staff 4 hours Working with a child’s biological family Classroom DHS Staff 4 hours