What is supervised parenting time?

Sometimes, based on issues of protection and safety, a judge will order that a child only have contact with a parent when a neutral third person is present during the visitation. This type of third-person visitation arrangement is often called “supervised visitation” or "supervised parenting time". The purpose of supervised parenting time is to allow the  child access to their loved one in a safe environment and to continue to support the parent-child relationship, while ensuring the child is not harmed in any way (physically, mentally, emotionally). A judge may order supervised parenting time for many reasons, like: To give the visiting parent a chance to address specific issues; to help reintroduce a parent and a child after a long absence; to help introduce a parent and a child when there has been no existing relationship between them; when there is a history or allegations of domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, or substance abuse; when there are parenting concerns or mental illness; or when there is a parental threat of abduction.
Some parents choose to have supervised time to protect themself or to give their child/children a neutral environment to visit. Some parents are unhappy that they must visit their children under the watchful eye of a stranger. However, the best course of action is generally to address the Court’s concerns and focus on how to create a more favorable visitation plan moving forward.   

What other families are saying

" My husband and I used Julie’s services while we were going through the process of supervised visitation with our (then) nine year old daughter. Although the situation itself was not ideal, Julie made our experience as positive as can be. She was professional while still being friendly and personable, she remained objective and truly put our daughter’s best interests first, and she was really flexible with accommodating to our schedule and location preferences. We’re almost two years out since last seeing Julie, and our daughter still asks about her and says she misses seeing her — That in itself speaks volumes. We would absolutely recommend Julie to anyone needing a supervisor for their visitation!"

 Z & A  

"I would highly recommend Julie as a supervisor for anyone who is looking for a compassionate and professional individual who is non-bias and truly all about the kids. Julie took the time to build a relationship with my daughter and I in a professional setting. This made my daughter feel very comfortable during our visit’s. Julie was organized and always on time to ensure that at my daughter and I could spend the most quality time together. She gives a caring outlook towards her clients and will make visits feel more like you and your child/children are getting together with a friend, rather than being supervised and observed on the time you and your family have together. Julie provides honest notes with detailed information on each visit and is very easy to communicate with if any questions arise. I promise you will be very happy with how much respect Julie Woods hold towards the time you and your child/children have together."
M & L

"To Whom This May Concern:
I am writing this letter of recommendation for Julie Woods, whom is the original and founder of It’s All about the Kids professional supervision company. I was introduced to Julie and her company through an attorney whom I trust and know would provide a wholehearted recommendation when it pertained to a custody situation of our then 6 and now 7 year old daughter, between my ex-husband and I. I feel comfortable in stating that Julie has a great combination and innate ability of the traits one would look for with having this type of situation in life. The unexpected, yet have to do it and go through it, situation. Her traits include professionalism, empathy, understanding, logical, forthright, honest, timely, prompt, perceptive etc. Through a series of interactions, I have found Julie to be an individual that genuinely cares and will give respectful and respectable feedback for the families that she works with and for. Thank you for reading and remember, “This too, shall pass.” Be it, hopefully to pass with someone that makes you feel at ease. Julie will."
Sincerely, Leah S.
Mother of 7-year-old princess S. 

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Fees and Pricing:
Payment must be received 5 days in advance of service.

Monday-Sunday at $65 / hour
All Major Holidays at $75 / hour

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All visits are Remote.

You are at your home, your child is at their home and I am at my home.

We all join a ZOOM meeting.

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